SCHOOLS UG was born out of our belief that Information Technology (IT) is the critical driver for efficient business delivery and will continue to be so well into the future. IT is essential for critical and logical thinking. We believe that knowledge or skills in IT are vital to unlocking the creativity within every person, young and old. This is because IT mimics real world situations.

IT teaches people to think logically about things. IT is logic!!!

It is a way of thinking. It will arm the person possessing it with an incredible advantage in life!

For example, Delivering a message to a person:

This requires logical steps to ensure the message is delivered the way it is intended to be seen. A person must think in the following way:

We have launched the Schools UG IT online course and the Education Management System (EMS) based on this and our passion for IT.

We aim to empower you with the IT skills that will enable you to compete on the world stage. More importantly, we aim to unlock the creative potential that is abundant in our young children.


Our goal is to provide a curriculum that prepares students for the demands of the futuretechnological world.

We want to use it in innovative ways to: