The Robust Solution For Education Establishment

Adopt our Education Management System for efficient running of your school or institution

An all Round Solution

Track School or Institution activities

Get reports and notifications of what is happening in the school for effective management

Attain Excellence

Whether staff, student’s or parents, be at the fore front of assisting all stake holders towards a successful establishment

Build strong teams

With the data you have at your finger tips for example staff reviews, you will be able to create a robust team for your establishment

Security all through

With the different User permission and ability to modify them (Admin), your are sure that access to different data is for only the authorized personnel or user

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Are you a teacher, headteacher, administrator?


Our EMS is a robust school management system designed to help Schools accelerate the development of pupils.

Whether students are in school or learning remotely, our award-winning solutions have you covered.

The Ultimate

Education Management System

Get your establishment a modern solution for academic and financial activities’ management and reporting.

Even more Essential Functions

All functions in one place

Schools and Institutions

From supporting mixed learning environments and online platforms to administrative functions, our system allows administrators and teachers to work in simpler, more efficient and most importantly, effective ways to boost student learning.

EMS Finance

Our system provides a solid foundation for your schools’ financial data and management. Staff members on the financial teams will have a simple, seamless financial management tool ready for them to use. Students also get to pay their fees in an easy, convenient way. No travel, no queues, no long hours spent making payments. Our payment system allows you to make online payments, including MM, visa card payments and bank transfers! Easy and Fast!

EMS Teaching

Our systems support teachers with performance tracking, reporting, curriculum, planning and timetables. Our tools allow teachers to manage their time and teach more effectively.

Training and Support

Our support services are tailored around our clients. Our customers receive one to one training and on-going support from our team of experts.


We are constantly implementing new ideas, functions and complimentary updates to help our customers grow and thrive.

Why you should SIGN UP?

At Schools UG, we believe that Information Technology (IT) is the critical driver in efficient business delivery and will continue to be so well into the future. As technology increases in schools, EMS provides the complete solution to help you have a more holistic approach to handling data to optimise operations and develop and enhance students’ learning performance.
Our innovative solution gives schools and institutions features to effectively track, monitor and manage the schools’ moving parts from one single point, helping them to save time, costs staff and student productivity.

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