Want to learn IT but feeling stuck or not sure where to start?
Are you looking for ways for your child(ren) to have an education and be equipped with computer skills?
Are you looking for ways to develop IT skills that can enable you to work remotely at home?
Are you looking for a rich learning IT experience from the convenience of your own home?
Are you looking to position yourself in the best way in this fast-paced, evolving technological world?
You are not alone. However, you are in the right place! Our ICT course helps students reach their target. Whether you learn key skills in our online video courses, or our 121’s, our lessons are guaranteed to move you up to your required IT target.

ICT for Adults

We aim to empower you with the IT skills that will enable you to compete on the world stage. Our IT course is a virtual IT learning playground with support whenever you need it. Just do it on your time, at your own pace, and learn with people on the same mission as you. Join today and upgrade your ICT skills

ICT for Children

The #1 IT Learning Program for Kids. Prepare Your Kids for Their Future, give your child a great start to life with a quality IT course. SCHOOLS UG offers a rich learning experience from the convenience of your own home that encourages your little learner(s) to up their IT skills with just a little bit of help from you.

Benefits of Schools UG ICT Course

  • A flexible payment structure starting at just 10,000 Ugx or 3 USD per day
  • E-learning with live video interaction and 24/7 access to past lessons and study materials
  • Enhance interaction with teachers, parents, and peers – Online classroom
  • Access to attendance, timetable, marks, grades, and exam schedules
  • Prior information on events and holidays
  • Better parent participation in child’s education- Parent dashboard to monitor progress
  • MM and online bank transfer payments. No need for travel to make payments
  • Your child can start as a complete beginner from module 1 to 6 or just pick a module to learn

What do we offer?

Studying IT can be overwhelming. However, It doesn’t need to be difficult andcontrary to common belief, IT is not only for science students. It is for everyone!

With the proper guidance, learning IT is relatively painless and fun!

Our IT course contains EVERYTHING you need to get to your desired target all in one place.

If you are struggling to access computers and are worried about the cost of expensive IT equipment, we got you. We have partnered with vendors to provide affordable laptops between 500,000-800, 000. We said we give you everything to succeed. We mean it!

Our Modules

Module One

• Computer essentials
• Logic building and elementary programming
• Building next generation websites
• Designing and publishing websites
• Database management
• Data structure - Lab

Module Two

• XML mark-up language
• Application development fundamentals 1 (JAVA 1)
• Application development fundamentals 2 (JAVA 2)
• Application programming (C#)
• Project

Module Three

• Windows store apps development 1
• E-project (.Net)

Module Four

• Fundamentals of Linux operating system
• Web development using PHP
• Object oriented analysis and design (UML)
• Project

Module Five

• Software engineering
• Quality assurance
• Project Management
• Cloud Computing
• Internet Security

Module Six

• Network essentials
• Network infrastructure design
• Windows server administration
• WAN technologies
• Project
•Enterprise application programming

Why Learn With Us?

Our course includes access to all of our IT courses, including live and recorded lessons, available to you, anytime, anywhere.

A flexible payment structure starting at just 10,000 Ugx or 3 USD per day
EASY PAYMENT- No need for you to travel to make payments. We offer Mobile Money, VISA card payments and online bank transfers.

Got questions? No problem! We are here to support you throughout your journey and after! We will always get back to you.

Our tutors offer guided lessons. This is a place for you to learn the ins and outs of IT skills.

Do not leave it till it is too late

Give yourself the best start to your newly chosen career or skill with support from SCHOOLS UG IT online course.