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Ugmart is a FinTech company with experience in delivering quality IT solutions to several institutions in Banking, Transportation, Agriculture and Education sectors. We strongly believe that Information Technology (IT) is the key driver in efficient business delivery and will continue to be so, well into the future. We also believe that knowledge or skills in IT are key to unlocking creativity within every young person in our country.
Based on this and our passion for IT, we have launched the Schools UG Learning Management System (LMS).
Our aim is to empower our young men and women with the IT skills that will enable them to compete on the world stage. More importantly, we aim to unlock the creative potential that is abundant in our young children.
With the lockdown imposed upon us due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has never been a better time to acquire essential IT skills for a more secure future. All courses are conducted online and therefore in the comfort of your home. There is no age limit to this course.
Your child may already have good IT skills or no knowledge in IT at all. It does not matter! Our course modules are for complete beginners and those with more advanced skills. So, do not let this opportunity pass your child by.

Benefits of using Schools UG ICT Course

Course Modules

Module One - Information System Management
  • • Computer essentials
  • • Logic building and elementary programming
  • • Building next generation websites
  • • Designing and publishing websites
  • • Database management
  • • Data structure - Lab
Module Two
  • • XML mark-up language
  • • Application development fundamentals 1 (JAVA 1)
  • • Application development fundamentals 2 (JAVA 2)
  • • Application programming (C#)
  • • Project
Module Three
  • • Windows store apps development 1
  • • E-project (.Net)
Module Four
  • • Fundamentals of Linux operating system
  • • Web development using PHP
  • • DNMS – MySQL
  • • Object oriented analysis and design (UML)
  • • Project
Module Five
  • • Software engineering
  • • Quality assurance
  • • Project Management
  • • Cloud Computing
  • • Internet Security
Module Six
  • • Network essentials
  • • Network infrastructure design
  • • Windows server administration
  • • WAN technologies
  • • Project
  • •Enterprise application programming

There is no age limit to this course. Secure your child’s future with these essential IT skills.
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Each module has one lesson/session per day at ONLY Ugx. 10,000 per lesson/session. You can get you, your child, family or even friends on the right track to a brighter future!!


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